๐Ÿค“Getting started

You can deepen your experience by cloning, running, and learning from several reference projects (mentioned in Project resources).

It's of course completely optional to actually run any of the projects. I will be using lots of examples from these projects, but nothing beats learning from hands-on experience.

Regardless I think you'll gain something even if you decide to not run the projects.

Depending on the specific project you will have some variability in the exact details. Common factors among all of the reference projects are that:

  • They are written in TypeScript

  • They are using AWS' cloud infrastructure components, such as Lambda, EventBridge, DynamoDB, and more

  • They are thoroughly tested using several types of tests

  • The applications are composed using a microservices pattern

While they are all relatively small, most of them are not trivial or "dumbed-down". The displayed practices and solutions should easily carry across bigger, similarly well-structured codebases.


Common prerequisites for the projects include having:

The projects should contain all other dependencies locally, so you shouldn't need anything else.

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